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We, the members of the Elecom Group,
have the solutions to the embedded annoyances
of the world.

The 4 companies in the Elecom Group have the technology and know how to provide a wide range of solutions to the needs of all kinds of customers, from the general user right up to high-end industrial users.
Elecom We are a comprehensive manufacturing brand for peripheral devices and accessories, established in 1986. We cover all bases, from development and production, through to marketing, extending our business interests across the globe. With the inclusion of three embedded companies in the group, we have been able to greatly enhance our marketing and development structures. With the increasing use of digital device by our customers in their daily lives, we have grown rapidly to become a more abundant and more accessible company.
Logitec INA Solutions Co., Ltd. With the aim of building direct and lasting relationships with our end-user customers, we began trading in April 2011 after splitting off from Logitec. Our policy is to be able to provide what you need whenever you need it. Our aim is to be a company that can find the solutions for all customers that have problems. We will provide products and services that will impress, building on the technological capabilities, specializations, and impetus built up by Logitec over the years.
Japan Data Systems Our major business operations involve developing new mediums, motherboards, and custom parts, developing technologies that can extend the life of products, product evaluations, and providing reliability testing services. Along with developing highly specialized customized devices for industry, we also provide support to other companies in the Elecom Group that are developing products and improving their quality.
hagiwara solutions
Hagiwara Solutions Co., Ltd. We specialize in the manufacture of flash storage for industry. Based on the know how we have built up over the last 15 years, we provide a centralized development, manufacturing, marketing, and after-sales support structure for media such as SSD, CFast, SD cards, USB memory devices, and memory modules, which are suitable for use in industrial and embedded applications, providing long term, stable operation.