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Hagiwara Solutions and Swissbit AG ( a largest company in Europe to provide a security solution ) establish a strategic partnership to promote security solutions for Industrial IoT machines

Hagiwara Solutions Co., Ltd.(Headquarter: Naka-ku, Nagoya, President: Junji Hada)and Swissbit AG (Headquarter: Industriestrasse 4, CH-9552 Bronschhofen, Switzerland, CEO: Silvio Muschter)announced today that they have agreed to proceed establishment of a strategic partnership to jointly promote security solution for industrial control system or Industrial IoT(IIoT) in the Japanese market.

This strategic partnership is aimed at contribution to the industrial control systems and Industrial IoT in Japan through cooperation of both parties to provide a memory solution which is capable to strengthen security features. Beginning with the actual activity of this partnership, Hagiwara Solutions will start sales and product support of Swissbit's Secure SD Card in Japan in the fall of 2018.

The risk of cyber-attack to IIoT equipment for factory or industrial control system has been increasing due to the recent opening of the system. In fact, the number of reports of cyber-attacks on IIoT appliances and vulnerabilities related to IIoT appliances is on the rise and there were cyber-attacks aimed at factories and important infrastructures. It is therefore more crucial than ever to have the security measure for IIoT appliances and industrial control system.

A majority of industrial control systems lacks the hardware key storage that is necessary to implement system security on a software level. The Swissbit Secure SD cards offer a cost efficient, easy to add, reliable and trustworthy hardware key storage by integrating a smart card chip to an industrial grade SD or microSD card.
The system can access the crypto chip through the SD interface and build system security based on the hardware-implemented root of trust.

In addition to the security functionality, the SD card can be used as a protected data storage for OS images, firmware updates, log files and programs for system control. These can be protected by encryption, authentication and access protection or made resistant to tampering by digital signature.

The same secure element allows asymmetric authentication between the system and the SD memory card storage and ensures that in-field firmware updated made from the card are secured against manipulation of the update image or infection by malware.

In the age of digitalization, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the related security requirements, particularly for gateways, Swissbit’s secure memory solutions offer an attractive and user-friendly option to create a secure M2M communication connection even for already existing systems ensuring verifiably secure encryption of data traffic in the system.

For ease of implementation, Swissbit has developed the Swissbit Security Interface API, which empowers solution providers to build applications on various platforms. An SDK is available to develop applications on Windows and Linux PC platforms and on mobile phones and tablets like Android.

Hagiwara Solutions and Swissbit are combining their engineering and support competency to identify the individual security requirements of each Japanese customer and develop for them the perfect solution.

Hagiwara Solutions will take part in ESEC 2018(IoT/M2M), to be held at Tokyo Big Sight and will exhibit secure memory and security solution. This exhibition runs from May/9 to May/11.

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