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"Conformal coating" as optional service for flash storage

Reducing the risk of unexpected failure caused
by environmental conditions in industrial installations.
Depending on equipment installation locations, flash storage products face risks of unexpected failures caused by humidity, dust, cutting oil, and/or chemical contaminants.
To ensure the reliability and availability of the product in such harsh environments, the optional service to perform insulation protection coating along the surface of the flash storage.

Two types of coating materials

Acrylic coating and urethane acrylate coating are available with different resistances and advantages.
The urethane acrylate coating provides an even better protective effect against salt water and oil by forming a more resistant coating film.

Durability against harsh environments

Maintain stable product performance and durability amid a variety of environmental factors caused by humidity, ducts, cutting oil and contaminated chemicals
The conformal coating meets the military-grade of thermal shock test standards.
High flame retardant that meets the flame retardant grade “UL94V-0”.

Reduce TCO by maximizing product life

Enhance durability maximize product life and reduce the number of parts replacement or maintenance.
Also contribute to increase utilization and quality of service.

Relevant Flash Storage

SATA 6.0Gbps(3DNAND) , H-series Flash Storage
2.5 inch (TLC / MLC Mode / SLC mode)
mSATA (TLC / MLC Mode / SLC mode)
M.2 2242 (TLC / MLC Mode / SLC mode)
See more details about the specifications of flash storage products, access the link above on the name

Coating characteristics

Coating Materials Acrylic / solvent Urethane Acrylate / solventless
Appearance Transparent Transparent
Dust resistance +++ +++
Anti-humidity +++ +++
Gas resistance +++ +++
Salt water resistance ++ +++
Oil resistance ++ +++
Heat resistance *1 -40℃ to 125℃ -40℃ to 150℃
RoHS Compliant Compliant
Fire-resistance UL94V-0 UL94V-0
Environmental impact
(VOC regulation)
+ +++
Repairability +++ + *3
MIL-I-46058C *2 Compliant Compliant

Note: +++ excellent, ++ good, + average
*1: It indicates the temperature specification of the material, not the product.
*2: Thermal shock test standards
*3: Due to the strongness of the coating, the mounted parts cannot be repaired or removed. Part replacement or individual part analysis is not available during detailed analysis.
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