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Industrial Grade Embedded SD
SD/microSD photo
This product has SD interface with JEDEC 100Ball BGA. eSD has longer life time than eMMC by having a SLC NAND Flash inside the product.
Industrial Grade Embedded SD
SD interface
No need to install any special controllers, because most of micro computers have SD interface.
Longer suppling period than eMMC
Unlike the current eMMC, this product has SLC NAND Flash which allows to have longer life time and longer suppling durations.
Faster, but lower cost than NOR
Because this products are based on NAND flash memory, it allows to have faster transfer speed than NOR flash memory.
Moreover, the enhanced capacities can be possible due to the lower cost compared by NOR flash.
Original NAND controller equipped
This product allows to have appropriate memory management for industrial devices possible without being aware of host side by our original NAND controller that has been used successfully in our industrial grade SDs.

Active Refresh
This function allows to do a refresh before data error is occurred, because data error (read disturb) becomes a problem when storing the read main data such as boot loader and kernel.
Life prediction tool is available
Allows to access the information to decide the device’s condition.

- Life prediction software for Windows
- API (Windows and Linux)
- Command to access to SMART data.
Ideal for replacement of NOR as a boot memory.
Replacing from NOR reduces mounting area and cost since this product can be used as a memory for storing data as well.Also, this product has the bigger advantage in terms of the reliability such as data retention capacity when compared to eMMC which mainly equips with MLC/TLC NAND flash memory.
Packaging Industrial 100Ball BGA (JEDEC standard )
*Ball pitch 1mm
NAND Technology/Capacities SLC ( 1GB / 2GB / 4GB / 8GB / 16GB )
P/E cycles 1GB,2GB: 50,000 per Block / 4GB,8GB,16GB: 100,000 per Block
BUS speed mode
1GB to 16GB
Default Speed mode (DS) 3.3V signaling, Max frequency 25MHz, Max 12.5MB/s
High Speed mode (HS) 3.3V signaling, Max frequency 50MHz, Max 25MB/s
4GB to 16GB
SDR12 1.8V signaling, Max frequency 25MHz, Max 12.5MB/s
SDR25 1.8V signaling, Max frequency 50MHz, Max 25MB/s
SDR50 1.8V signaling, Max frequency 100MHz, Max 50MB/s
SDR104 1.8V signaling, Max frequency 208MHz, Max 104MB/s
DDR50 1.8V signaling, Max frequency 50MHz, Max50MB/s
Supported Voltage 2.7V to 3.6V
Supported Temp. -40℃ to 85℃
Additional Function Life prediction tool
Read disturb Management
Wear leveling function
Robustness for force shut down.
Socket board is available for your testing.