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License Renewal

USB Memory

Why do I need to renew the license?

When the term of your license is over, you cannot update virus definition. You also cannot receive any software update or product warranty/support. 
The term of license can be extended yearly by purchasing renewal license.
*Term of license or product warranty is extended up to 5 years totally. After this term, purchase new VaccineUSB3.



Part Number:
*VaccineUSB3 only

What do I need to renew the license?

Before you apply renewal of license, prepare the below:
A twelve-digit serial number which is written on the back of VaccineUSB3.
Purchase license extension pack for VaccineUSB3

There are 2 types of part number for extension packs.

License extension pack for VaccineUSB3 with part number of ULD-VAU3xA

One license: ULD-VAU31LRA
10 licenses: ULD-VAU310LR

License extension pack for VaccineUSB3 with part number of HUD-MVDT3xA

One license: HUD-MVDT31YLA
10 licenses: HUD-MVDT310YL

Procedure of application

Make sure you have a sheet of cardboard with license renewal application number which enclosed in the package of VaccineUSB3 extension pack.
Download the form and fill out the application.
Click the submit button and attach your application form to the mail and send it to us.
If you have any difficulty to submit, or the characters are garbled, please contact to
our customer support.

*If you still have difficulty, please send email to us.
Your mail has…
Subject: Renewal application form for VaccineUSB3
Body: Attach your application form
Then send it to us.
We register serial numbers in the application form. After this registration, the term of license will be valid. The certification (PDF) will be sent to your mail after the registration. (Normally, it takes in 3 business days.)
You can renew the license 40 days before the term is expired. Connect Internet and automatically update vaccineUSB3.
When the update is completed, screen shows the notification below:

*If the pop-up didn’t appear on your screen, your license renewal haven’t finished.
Check the FAQ here


Q: Can I purchase several renewal license at once?

A: Yes.  
If you need the renewal license for 51 of VaccineUSB3;
Purchase license renewal packs of
ULD-VAU310LR x 5
Then, fill the application form with those license renewal numbers.

Q: I received the certification of license renewal, but my license didn’t renew when I connect to the Internet.

A: Your license term can renew only from 40days before the expiration of license even the registration has already finished.

Q: I can update VaccineUSB3, but cannot renew the license.

A: Two reasons might need to consider.
1.Tried to renew your license which has more than 40days before the expiry date
2.Haven’t authorized to access the license server: http://dl.hscjpn.co.jp

1: Try to renew the license after the expiration of license is less than 40days.

2: Authorize to access the license server: gtto://dl.hscjpn.co.jp

If you still need help to renew your license, please contact us. You need the serial number on the back of VaccineUSB3 for your troubleshooting.


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