We are thrilled to announce that Hagiwara Solutions' eSD (embedded SD) memory chip has been honored with the 2023 Best Memory Product Award by ipXchange! We extend our sincere gratitude to ipXchange for recognizing the outstanding performance of our eSD product.
eSD, our latest innovation, embeds the familiar, easy-to-integrate SD card format into a JEDEC standard package, allowing direct mounting onto the PCB. This positions our product as the ideal choice for microcomputing devices, serving as an excellent alternative to other boot memories.
Why choose eSD?
Easy Integration: Plug and play, no need for specialized control software.
Comprehensive Replacement: Faster than NOR flash, more reliable than eMMC, and pin-compatible.
Robust Design: Direct soldering onto the PCB makes it suitable for demanding, high-vibration applications.
We appreciate the recognition from ipXchange, and this honor will elevate our impact in the market