Static Wear Leveling

This function makes the life consumption of each block of NAND flash memory as uniform as possible.

Refresh function

The data recorded in the NAND flash memory will cause an error due to a decrease in the data retention capability of the NAND flash memory due to long-term of power off or an increase in the number of PE cycle. This is a function to correct the error and rewrite the data in another place before the error increases so much that it cannot be corrected.

Patrol function

It is a function to periodically check whether refresh is necessary.

Read retry function

This is a function of NAND flash memory, and it is a method to improve the readability of data from NAND flash memory by repeating reading.

Power Failure Notification

This function prevents the NAND flash memory from becoming unstable due to a power failure triggered by a power failure notification (alert) issued by the host. This is a function to minimize device corruption and data loss.

Fixed specification

Main parts of the product are unchanged during product supply period.

TCG Opal

TCG (Trusted Computing Group) is an industry group that develops standard technologies to improve the reliability and safety of computers. "TCG Opal" is a standard for self-encrypted drives established by the TCG. By using the functions of the TCG Opal compliant self-encrypting drive, you can improve the efficiency of operation while ensuring security. TCG Opal compliant self-encrypting drives allow data encryption, password access restrictions, and pre-boot authentication (replace the visible area on the drive before and after authentication).


S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) is a specification for storage drive device.
S.M.A.R.T. information can be used for early detection and prediction of storage device failures.

Life LED

It is a function to notify by turning on the red LED when remaining life of NAND flash memory installed in the SSD is low. You can visually confirm the decrease in the remaining life of the SSD from the outside.


Low power consumption mode specified by Serial ATA (SATA) specifications.

Wide Temperature

Covering a wider range for each of the low and high temperature ranges compared to the guaranteed operating temperature of consumer products (0 to 70 degrees Celsius).

Countermeasures against momentary power loss

Prevents flash storage damage due to unexpected power failure. Without this function, data writing to the NAND flash memory may be interrupted due to an unexpected power failure, resulting in garbled data or inconsistent management information, which may lead to device damage. This function performs self-diagnosis and self-repair when the power is turned on.

Live Monitor

Software that monitors flash storage based on S.M.A.R.T. information. The end-of-life prediction function assists in the formulation of flash storage replacement plans. The drive's internal state visualization function can be used for access analysis.

LiveMonitor(Drive Monitoring function)

Indicates that the product is compatible with the life diagnosis monitoring software "Live Monitor" and is compatible with the "Drive Monitoring Function" of Live Monitor. The drive monitoring function is a function that visualizes the internal state of the drive and enables access analysis.

Temperature management function

Utilizing the temperature sensor provided in the flash storage, it prevents the various parts of the flash storage from being damaged by overheating.

Conformal coating

It is an effective coating option to prevent deterioration due to humidity, dust, cutting oil, and contaminated chemical substances.
An insulating protective coating is applied to the surface of flash storage products to ensure product reliability and availability even in harsh environments, and contribute to TCO reduction by maximizing product life.
The coating material can be selected from two types: acrylic (solvent) and urethane acrylate (solvent-free).

RoHS compliant

Indicates that the product complies with the "RoHS Directive" (Directive of the European Parliament and the Council on Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) established by the European Union (EU).

chemSHERPA compliant

Indicates that the product can be submitted with materials for the Chemical Substance Information Transfer Scheme (chemSHERPA) contained in the product.


In industrial equipment such as production equipment, data may be damaged and system failure may occur due to the operation method or unexpected power failure.
VWF protects data in UWF (Unified Write Filter) enabled storage for devices running Windows® 10 and prevents data corruption due to unexpected power outages. VWF is used in conjunction with UWF to enhance data protection.
VWF uses the dedicated software "Virtual Write Filter Tool" to enable / disable the target flash storage product.