Business Overview

The Elecom Group companies share the common corporate slogan: Lifestyle Innovation. Our mission is to be a bridge between people, society, and new innovations.
Among the group companies, Hagiwara Solutions, a “B to B” company, specializes in providing equipment and services for various industries including social infrastructure. We continue making daily efforts in helping people all over the world live a happy and prosperous everyday life.
Proposing reliable industrial grade products including flash storages and computers, Hagiwara Solutions supports long-term, stable operations of customer systems and contributes to create a safer and even more secure society.

Industrial Storage Business

One of our core businesses is development of flash storages, which boasts the top market share in Japan.
Our flash storages are embedding an in-house developed controllers that are highly resistant to power interruption, equipped with data encryption technology (function?) and made to maximize memory lifespan. The reason for the popularity is that these can make the long-term operation of industrial equipment and systems possible by offering long-term supply with fixed BOM, and the broad lineup with different interfaces and storage capacities to meet your needs.

Industrial Computer Business

We not only offer highly reliable motherboards and industrial computer lineup made to withstand tough environments, but also develop customized products to meet your specific requirements and applications, from hardware and software designs to mechanical designs, including mechanisms and enclosures.
Optionally, you can also select other types of products offered by Logitech INA Solutions Co., Ltd., another Elecom Group company, from a wide range of items such as touch screen computers, batteryless computers and rugged tablets, to best suit your specific needs.

Solution Business

Out products play essential roles in supporting safe and smooth business operations in different locations. For example, our IoT gateway products, which serve as the connection point between the cloud and equipment, along with remote management systems and various application systems for data analysis/utilization are used in public transportation systems and monitoring systems for operational status of machine tools in a factory.
In addition, our internally-developed AI algorithm has been used such as in surveillance system during the night and traffic census in a busy city, to help high-recognition image processing job complete at the edge device without connecting to cloud.