Factory automation industry plays a very important role in invigorating the whole mechanical industry by introducing automated equipment and systems to streamline the various complex work processes in production plants.
In addition, more and more IoT services has been introduced in recent years and adopted to many fields.
With IoT, you can constantly monitor the operation status of facilities and determine the degree of wear and deterioration for each piece of part and equipment by introducing sensors and cameras, so you can set up more appropriate maintenance plans. Now, the intuition of experienced craftsmen can be quantified and managed in automated manners.
Hagiwara Solutions’ flash storage products are used, for example, to store operating systems or other systems for machine tool equipment and programmable logic controllers operating in production plants, and to collect the logging data from such equipment.
Our storage devices are most suitable for industrial fields.
Flash storage has different design policies depending on the application, such as for servers or factory machines.Our storages for industrial use are designed not only to focus on commonly expected features such as high capacity and high speed, but also on long-term stable operation and countermeasures against sudden troubles, such as data retention capacity and technology for protecting data from sudden power failure.

In addition, Hagiwara Solutions proposes a software solution called VWF that integrates with OS functions to provide more robust power failure countermeasures.
Industrial SSD

Industrial SSD

2.5inch・M.2・CFast・m-SATA etc.
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