In passenger transport services such as railroad, the use of IoT in equipment maintenance, safety management and various customer services is increasing day by day.This innovative technology is utilized aiming to ensure the safety and security required by the public and enhance the satisfaction of passengers.
By utilizing the image data and other information obtained from surveillance cameras and sensors, automation and labor savings are promoted, and even unprecedented services are developed.
Such innovative technology is much needed to solve social challenges including the shortage of human resources in depopulated areas, population aging, and issues related to self-driving vehicles. Brand-new basic systems that can respond to the changes in our society are required.
Hagiwara Solutions' SSD products are installed in station service apparatus and digital signage systems on trains and buses.Storing system programs of equipment, SSDs are required to be highly reliable.In addition to various support systems to prepare for unexpected problem, flexible customization is also essential.

Industrial SSDs

Form Factor: 2.5 inch, M.2, Cfast, mSATA etc.
Also, we have started introduction for IoT system solutions in addition to SSDs.
Object detection technology can be applied to detection of entry into dangerous areas such as inside of railroad crossing.
Hagiwara develop and sell such AI technology application software and industrial PCs as a package solution.
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