Message from the President

We will contribute to society by boldly continuing to challenge new areas.

We, Hagiwara Solutions Co., Ltd., took over the industrial storage business of the former Hagiwara Syscom Co., Ltd. and relaunched as a member of the ELECOM Group in August 2011.
Together with Logitec (currently Logitec INA Solutions) Co., Ltd. and Japan Data Systems Co., Ltd., we are expanding the "embedded business" in the ELECOM Group and integrated the business with Japan Data Systems Co., Ltd. in 2018.
We have played a role as a core company of the embedded business, which has two pillars, storage for industrial equipment and industrial computers.
And we will renew our management system and aim for a further leap forward.
In the storage field, we will strengthen the development system for industrial storage, which is an existing business, and work on the development of new high-speed, large-capacity storage in preparation for the further increase in data volume due to DX.
In the computer field, we will create a joint development system with group companies and accelerate the development of new products for industrial BOX-PCs and boards.
We will aggressively develop these two fields to expand the scale and domain of our business.
On the other hand, in the environment surrounding our business, both the sophistication of product technology and the reduction of prices are progressing, and competition between companies in the storage field and the computer field is becoming more and more fierce. Under such circumstances, the next growth cannot be achieved by sticking only to past successful experiences and knowledge and know-how of the same field / industry. We will contribute to society by boldly taking on new opportunities and new fields, and will continue to devise and strive to become a company that people need.
We look forward to your continued support and patronage.
Teruhiko Nagashiro, President and Representative Director