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Off-line Security

For industrial devices where periodic virus checks with a virus check tool are difficult, complete antivirus will be available.
USB Memory
While offline terminals and implemented control systems constit ute a part of the important business process, conventional antivirus was difficult because of the isolation from the network or the limited number of resources. Even if the virus infection from the network is shut off, there remains a concern over the serious impact on services caused by the virus infection via USB Flsh Drive if the devices are used to update programs or for log recovery.
The introduction of Vaccine USB3 with antivirus and the Anti-Virus USB Flash Drive will greatly decrease virus infection risks on the industrial devices.


Vaccine USB3

Vaccine USB3
Vaccine USB is a self-contained USB virus detection tool for offline computers on factory floor.
Scan Engine and Virus Definitions provided by McAfee.
New functions enhance your management with collecting information of devices.

Vaccine USB3

No monitoring required
Confirmation of virus scan status and the results on LED
Without a monitor, the status of conducting virus scans or the result of virus scans can be grasped at a glance at the loaded LEDs (blue/red) on the unit.
Requires no dedicated PC
Simple update of definition files
Requires no dedicated PC or software installation; only a web accessible PC is enough for updating the virus definition files anywhere.
The result of scanning are stored as a log.
The result of virus scanning can be stored as a log.
The result of virus scanning will be stored in a special memory area in the unit. This will prevent alterations or edits.
Further, the instant viewing and text output is available.
Please do not setup the administration PC under the OS/authority below (The logs cannot be stored).
Convenient license system
No limitation on the number of devices for virus scans.
One vaccine USB can run a virus scan on many terminals.
Incremental Scan
Significantly reduce scan time by scanning only files that have been updated since the previous scan.
A full scan is performed at the first run.
New function
Scheduled Scan
A scheduled scan performs scan at the time and frequency that fit your specific needs.
(Monday to Sunday + start time, or a specific date + start time)
It minimizes the impact on productivity and reduces the burden to factory operator.
Collecting device Information function
Collect detailed information (hard ware, Installed application, etc..) of the devices and save them as a log on the flash drive.
This helps asset management.
Intensive operation management function
Using Cloud Service, check and manage the result of scan remotely.
It enables intensive management of your domestic/overseas site.
*You must have a separate contact for the paid service of INFO BANKER Cloud.
USB Interface USB1.1(Full Speed)/USB 2.0(High Speed/Full Speed)
Operation environment (*1) DOS/V devices with standard implementation of a USB interface.
Physical free memory size not less than 512 MB (1 GB recommended)
Page cash ON (recommended)
A CD-ROM drive recognizable (recommended)
The auto-run is executed by the CD-ROM drive (recommended)
Supported OS(*2)
[Japanese OS]
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows Server 2008 (SP2)
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2016
Windows Embedded Standard 7
Windows Embedded POSReady 7
Corresponding user count (*3) Computer administrator
Restricted user(s)
Applicable screen size Not smaller than 640 x 480
* For a screen size not larger than 800 x 600,
a part of the screen will be switched to a screen suitable for touch panel.
Consumption current During scanning 220 mA max.
During standby 140 mA max
Operating temperature 0 to 50℃
Operating humidity 30 - 80 % (no condensation)
Acquired standard certification VCCI ClassB、CE、FCC
Weight 11g
Outline dimensions (including cap) L 79.0 mm x W 18.0 mm x H 9.4 mm
  • (*1) Not compatible with the extended USB interface on an extension board.
    The preinstallation of USB Mass Storage Class driver, HID Class driver and CD-ROM driver is required.
    The execution of auto-run shall be enabled for the OS for auto-run starting of an application.
    The required memory size for operation will vary (increase) as the virus definition file size increases.
  • (*2) An authority upgrading dialog screen may be displayed. If disabled, the viruses detected in the system folder cannot be removed.
    The system will be operated in the 32-bit compatible mode on a 64-bit OS.
    For 64-bit OSs after Vista, the access to Windows\System32 will be redirected to Windows\SysWOW64.
    Regarding the embedded OSs, the installation of components relevant to USB, drive, network, and application API is required. (Full component status/Listed up as compatible OSs as a result of confirmation of operation conducted under the environment of our company.)
    Compatible with the display in English, but the installation of the Multilanguage Pack in the OS is required for displaying.
    The process scan function does not work on the Windows Server 2008 R2.
    Support for Windows XP is scheduled until the end of 2017.
  • (*3) Under a restricted user environment, the viruses detected in the area other than the folders below will not be removed due to the restricted access by the OS restriction.
    Documents and Setting\Login user name\the following folders:
  • - The virus definition file size tends to increase for handling the increased number of viruses.
    Along with that, the memory size required for operation may exceed the figures indicated in the Operation environment/Product specifications
  • - The data processing in excess of physical memory size becomes available by creating a paging file (virtual memory).
    * Normally , it will be automatically created by the setup of the OS.
  • - Support of Windows XP is scheduled until the end of 2017 (as of May 30, 2015).
  • - When the virus scan is conducted by a customer, please be sure to download the newest virus definition files. In addition, please check out the newest virus information in a website of McAfee, etc.
  • - The McAfee programs installed on this unit do not remove the detected computer virus itself, but remove the files infected by the virus. (If the setup is the scanning only, the infected files will not be removed.) If the OS is infected, then the infected OS file itself will be removed; therefore, the host device may not be available for use until the OS is newly installed.
  • - A virus that infected a system file may not be removed. Such a virus may be removed by downloading a dedicated removal tool from the website of McAfee.
  • - A virus that infected system memory cannot be removed. Please check out the website of McAfee for the removal procedure.
  • - New types of viruses are found every day. Please conduct virus scanning using the newest virus definitions because detection or removal may not be possible.
  • - If a registry is edited by a virus, a normal system restart may not be possible after removing the virus because this unit does not have a registry repair function.
  • - After expiration of the license for this product, the acquisition of definition files for the newest viruses will be no longer possible. After expiration of the license, protection by the McAfee program will not be provided in any form nor guaranteed. If any damage is caused due to the continued use of this product in spite of expiration of the license, our company and sales agents will assume no responsibility for the damage.
  • - There are viruses that cannot be removed by this product. Please check out the database of McAfee for handling such viruses.
  • - This product provides detection of the viruses handled by McAfee by updating the newest virus pattern files and, therefore, does not guarantee the detection of all viruses. In addition, there may be undetectable viruses such as encrypted files or compressed files with a pass code.

Anti-virus USB Drive

SD Memory Card
USB Flash Memory with Security Features and Support for USB 3.0
With a variety of integrated on-board security features such as password locking, hardware encryption, and virus checking, this USB flash memory device has effective security protection for a business context. With USB 3.0 compatibility, this product provides both data transfers that are both fast and secure.

Anti-virus USB Drive

The USB 3.0 model with high speed data transfer functionality was developed in-house with security technology integrated into the design to minimize security risks to your corporate data.
At the Elecom Group, our security USB memory series includes a variety of functions to eliminate these risks so you can use these products in the office with peace of mind.
Also, using the server software for managers and operation control ensures operation controls that comply with your company's security policy and supports managers.
A rich variety of functions to keep your data secure
The password lock function prevents data from being accessed if the drive is stolen or lost, and the encryption functions prevents the data from being read even if they are accessed in some way. If by some chance a file saved on the USB drive is infected with a virus, the integrated virus check ensures the impact of this infection is minimized. This high-security USB memory drive includes all of these functions.
Main Functsions
Password Lock Hardware Encryption Anti-Virus Log function Automatic software updates Automatic update function for software Limited mode for users who don't need to install programs Compatible with special
Combine this flash drive with the policy changing Security USB Manager program for system managers for these functions.
Data rescue Password policy customization Copy card function Usage restrictionsn
Combine this flash drive with the operation control server software INFO BANKER for these functions.
Universal log management (log database creation)
USB 3.0 compatibility for high-speed data transfers
Compared to USB 2.0, data transfer speeds are 10x faster with the USB 3.0 protocol.
This USB memory drive is compatible with this protocol, providing faster transfer speeds along with its safety features.
The manager software and other programs are compatible with both the USB 2.0 model and the new USB 3.0 model, allowing customers who have already implemented the USB 2.0 model to upgrade with ease.
Maintains security even with long-term use
The virus check function requires the latest virus definition file. We provide access to this file during your product license period.
Our lineup includes 3 types of license period plans for each product model.
Hardware repairs are also available during the license period.
Password Locking Functionality
Password authentication is required for accessing areas containing user data.
Even if the USB memory is lost or stolen, data cannot be accessed without the password.
Tick the "Writing Disallowed" setting to make the removable disk area read-only. This protects data from accidental deletions and virus infections. *1

No software installation required
Can be used even by restricted users
Mac OS also supported *2
The password locking functionality may also be disabled.
Disable the password locking functionality to use the USB memory with specialized devices that have no input capability. *3
If CD-ROM auto-run is enabled, the virus scan functionality is started automatically.

*1 The virus check functionality is not run if "Writing Disallowed" is set.
*2 Settings can be configured using the admin software Security USB Manager.
*2 The password input screen is not displayed.
*2 The removable disk area is always accessible.
*3 Supports Mac OS 10.4 to 10.9.
*3 The anti-virus functionality is not run.
*3 The following are not run: automatic software updates, log functionality, autorun.inf deletion functionality, copy guard functionality, option functionality, and part of the management software functionality.
Hardware Encryption
All data that is written into the USB memory is subject to AES 256-bit mandatory encryption.
・There are no areas where data can be written in without it being encrypted first.
・The encryption functionality cannot be disabled.
・Even if the device were to be disassembled, the data will remain encrypted, providing complete peace of mind.
United States Government Standard
Automatic Software Execution — Easy and Intuitive to Use
Thanks to its patented technology, a password authentication screen is displayed automatically as soon as the USB memory is connected to a PC (auto-run).
This functionality is very easy and intuitive to use.
Windows 7 does not allow the auto-run functionality to be executed from removable devices; hence, existing products create more work for users, requiring them to double click and run a piece of password authentication software.
Also, if users were to try to force the auto-run functionality to be executed, this would cause even more work, requiring them to install a piece of software on the PC where the auto-run is to be executed. *1 Automatic software execution
*1 This requires the CD-ROM auto-run setting to be enabled.
Virus Check Functionality
Performs a virus check when writing data and deletes any files infected with viruses. (No virus-infected files are saved onto the USB memory.)
The virus definition file may be updated from McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 (this requires some configuration to be made on the admin software).
*Updating the virus definition files from the installed anti-virus software mentioned above is available only during the validity period of the license of the Security USB.
Autorun.inf File Protection Functionality
All models include protection functionality against the use of Autorun.inf files.
Process Scan Functionality
When running the virus scan program, this functionality scans the processes that are running on the PC at that time.
A message is displayed if a process that is infected with a virus is found.
Process Scan Functionality
Reduces the risk of the USB memory device becoming infected.
The results of the process scans are stored in a log, allowing the administrator to identify the devices requiring some anti-virus treatment.
A License Extension Pack is also available, enabling users to extend their hardware guarantee period at the same time.
We offer products with license periods available for one, three, and five years.
Use the License Extension Pack to extend the license period.
*Products with license periods of three/five years will also have their hardware guarantee period set to three/five years.
Other Functionality
Automatic Software Updates
Checks whether there are any software updates available when downloading the virus definition files.
Can do updates automatically when new software updates are found.
(There is no need for users to access a web site and do a separate download.)
Supports Special Formatting by Anti-information Leakage Solutions
・Some areas of the removable disk can be subject to special formatting.
・Can be used with confidence even with anti-information leakage solutions by doing special formatting of external devices (please review in advance).
Strap Hole/Sliding Case
・Manage devices easily by adding a strap or name plate.
・The sliding case has no caps, so there is no need to worry about caps becoming lost.
USB Interface USB1.1(Full Speed)/USB 2.0(High Speed/Full Speed)/USB3.0
Operation environment (*1 *2 *3 *4 *6) DOS/V device with a built-in USB interface and at least 600 MB of free space
CD-ROM drive must be recognized and auto-run via CD-ROM must be enabled
USB mass storage device drivers must be installed
USB HID drivers must be installed
Models that come with antivirus software must be able to connect to the internet (connection via proxy server OK)
Supported OS(*5) Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows Server 2008 Release 2
Windows Server 2008 with SP2
Windows Server 2012*7
Windows Server 2012 Release 2
Windows Server 2016
Mac OS 10.4 to 10.12
Corresponding user count (*3) Computer administrator
Restricted user(s)
Outline dimensions (Connector extended) 72.5 x 20.8 x 7.8mm
60.0 x 20.8 x 7.8mm
  • (*1) USB interfaces added via an expansion card are not supported.
  • (*2) The USB Mass Storage Class, HID Class, and CD-ROM drivers must already be installed.
  • (*3) For auto-run to run the application automatically, you must enable the auto-run function in Windows.
  • (*4) If connecting to the internet through a proxy server that requires user authentication, a monitor and keyboard will be required.
  • (*5) The software for this product is a 32-bit application. On 64-bit operating systems, use the "WOW64" function and run the software in 32-bit compatibility mode.
  • (*6) The "Basic TCP/IP Networking" component must be installed.
  • (*7) This product will not operate as a restricted user in Windows Server 2008 SP2/2012.
  • (*8) ll virus pattern files and software must be updated to their latest versions.
  • (*9) The anti-virus function will not run on Mac OS.