Vaccine USB3

USB memory type virus check tool

"USB memory stick type" virus check and extermination tool with McAfee's virus checking engine. Just connect this product to your PC, it will automatically scan and save the log data.

Product Features

No need monitor! User can check virus checking status and results by LEDs.

Even without a monitor, LEDs (Blue / Red) on the product allows to grasp at a glance that a virus check is in progress and the results of the virus check.

◯ Flashing ● Lighting - switching off lights
Blue LED Red LED Operational status
Alternating blinking Scan in progress
- No virus infection detected
- Virus infection detected
- Program error occurred
モニター不要 LEDでウイルスチェック状況と結果を確認

Quick to update the definition files

No special software is required. As long as you have a PC with an Internet connection, you can update virus definition files anywhere.

専用PC不要 定義ファイルの更新が簡単

Save scan results as a log

Virus check result can be saved as a log.
Log data is stored in a special memory area of the product.Therefore, no risk of tampering.
Output data as text is also available.

License System

No limitation for target devices to virus check.
One vaccine USB can be used for virus check any number of devices.

Main features

Virus checking time is significantly reduced.
By differential scan function that checks only changed or added file from previous scan, virus checking time is significantly reduced.
Timer scan function
This function automatically starts virus checking on a specified date and time.The date and time can be set as "Day of the week + start time" or "Specified date + start time".
PC asset information collection function
This function allows you to obtain detailed asset information of the device.It also acquires detailed hardware information, installed application information, etc., and saves as a log in the product itself.
Product Name License Model Number
Vaccine USB3 1 year License ULD-VAU31A
3 year License ULD-VAU33A
5 year License ULD-VAU35A